<< The customer's interest comes before ours >> 

Multiple services made available to our customers. 

Over the years and thanks to a profitable and constant growth, we have managed to develop our activities in the territories of Lake Como, as well as in the provinces of Sondrio, Lecco, Varese and Milan. 

Professionalism of our technicians and an excellent organization between them represent the strong points of GRECO COSTRUZIONI with the aim of delivering to the client a finished product based on the rule of art. 

All our services are oriented to new buildings, renovations and real estate. 

Here are some of these: 

- construction of buildings and green buildings; 

- redevelopment of historic villas; 

- anti-seismic adaptation interventions on existing buildings; 

- renovations of buildings, apartments and anything that falls within civil construction; 

- renovation of public buildings; 

- construction of roads, parking lots, aqueducts and all that belongs to public infrastructures; 

- building practices for architectural, structural, hydraulic and productive-industrial design; 

- real estate consultancy.