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Mezzanine in laminated wood. The ideal solution, following the demolition of the attic, is to opt for a wooden attic as it has many advantages, from the aesthetic to the economic aspect.

Ventilated roof with double insulation? joists and joists + matchboarding + vapor barrier + joists + 2 layers of insulation + joists + air gap + tile joists + shingles. Solution for energy saving and comfort!

Static consolidation of the attic. When the attic is many years old and has wooden joists, the ideal solution, avoiding demolition, is to consolidate with a membrane, mesh, connectors and final casting

Sometimes it's a matter of a few centimeters! It is therefore important to verify that everything complies with and reflects the project in order to avoid future problems for the works carried out.

Concrete brick floor with prefabricated joists. When there are considerable distances and reduced thicknesses, this is the best structural solution.

The wood-effect porcelain stoneware floor is often the easiest, fastest and cheapest solution to adopt. Goes well with light furnishings.