Your most frequently asked questions

1. How much does it cost to renovate a property? 

Answering this question is rather complex. In fact, it depends on the economic "cut" one wants to face in relation to the choice of intervening with structural workings or only interventions aimed at aesthetic-architectural improvement. Think, for example, of the simple choice of flooring: buying and installing a quality parquet involves certain costs. Just as many minor ones, you have to face them if the choice falls on porcelain stoneware or similar.

However, we can say that in general the renovation can vary a lot starting from a minimum price of 350 euros/m2.

The important thing is to choose competent technicians and companies!

2. What does "turnkey" solution mean?

The "turnkey" method consists in entrusting the works to a single group or company organized to carry out all the activities in the technical, bureaucratic and construction fields. Our company is one of these: we are in fact organized to manage your construction or renovation request from "A" to "Z" without you hiring other people or other technicians. We are therefore able to present the building practice in common, request the appropriate municipality and/or regional authorizations and proceed with the execution of the actual building works.

Choosing the "turnkey" solution will allow you to have contact with a single project manager and view the progress of the construction site from time to time. If you are a foreign customer or a resident outside the area, we are organized for remote meetings.

3. We have our own project carried out by a trusted architect, can you build the house we present to you?

Yes, we are always available to collaborate with professionals in the sector you trust. We have no limitations in terms of design projects.

4. We have our own project, what are the steps to follow?

First of all, it is important to have the bill of quantities with you, in addition to the project. 

This means having defined the operations to be carried out with your technician. At that point we take over: 

- we carry out a free inspection to examine the state of the property or possibly the land on which to build; 

- we present our offer in economic terms based on the bill of quantities processed by applying a discount to the final amount; 

- if there is an agreement between the parties, following the signing of the contract, work can begin within a few weeks.

5. Can we contact you even if we don't have a project yet? 

Absolutely yes. Our professionals are able to offer you the most suitable architectural solutions for your requests.

6. Is it better to renovate a house or build a new one?

According to some good studies, renovating a house after buying it is much more profitable than building a completely new one. Also in terms of timing and bureaucratic aspects, the first solution is much faster.

7. We have a property and would like to use it as a holiday home. You can help us?

Our company is also organized to manage holiday homes, from booking management, check-in and cleaning of the property. Contact us to request a consultation.